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Carsten Schillmann


Spiritual Counseling


Each image has its own story.
But I would refrain from saying something about the individual images. The viewer should be affected by the pictures.

In general the pictures show my worldviews. Depending on my developments those have changed and are still in flux.
More and more the perception grows, that all is one, that all boundaries at all levels are an illusion.
alone comes from being all-one with the universe. More and more I understand the statement:
"I am in everything and everything is in me."

The meaning of the double-exposed images is this:
Man is a part of nature. In the double exposure he merges with the environment. The illusion of separateness is repealed.
The 2 pictures that blend into one create another
3rd Image. The duality is repealed by the 3rd part. The 3rd Image represents the observer, who perceives everything with a soft look, fixing nothing. He sees all the energy and does not separate the individual components of the image from each other.

The mind is a part of reality.
Not knowing immediately what can be seen in the pictures, makes the mind unable to classify the picture: "Uh, a tree " - open the drawer, put in the picture, that's it!
The intellectual interpretation of things lets the beauty, the fascination, the wonder of creation, the wondering, the sight of a child get lost.
There are many trees in the world and none are alike! We have learned to focus everything with our eyes like driving a car permanently. So we constantly see the individual things that separate them from each other. The totality, the flux, the unity of things we no longer see.
So it's not unusual, that we experience ourselves separated from the other things.

Losing oneself in the moment is added.
The joy and fun when I am in nature.
When I feel the heat of the sun and the wind on the skin,
the wet soil and leaves under my feet.
Euphoric by my inspiration, to realise a certain image
I walk through the woods and forget
the time and circumstances for a moment.
Past and future are unimportant then.

All double exposures were taken locally.
They are no product of a computer editing program.

I said enough. One picture is worth a 1000 words.
Have much fun looking at the pictures.
Any comments from you are welcome!

Warm greetings
Carsten Schillmann


  • born in 1965 in Hanover and grew up on a farm in Lower Saxony
  • 1983-1986 trained as a horticulturalist in Hitzacker
  • 1994-1996 training for occupational therapists in Bückeburg
  • Since 1996 active in the youth services Rischborn in Gifhorn as group pedagogue, till 2001 with my girlfriend and four young people in a hostel
  • since 2002 working as a group pedagogue in a children's hostel with a group of nine children, at this time further education on the issues: systemic family therapy, working with abused children as well as group management
  • 1990-2005 intensive work in self-experience courses with Rüdiger von Roden in Brunswick: single sessions, year group, breathing group and training group
    Applied methods:
    psychoenergetics, symbolic drama, working in the archetypal force field, holotropic breathing
  • Other seminars:
    Yoga, Shiatsu, Reiki, massage for headache and migraine treatment, nude drawing,
  • 2008-2009 training to the spiritual life counselor at the Paracelsus School in Brunswick
  • Until 2013: Supervisor at youth welfare
  • Since 2014: Employee at "The Hof" in Isenbüttel


Since I can

hold a pencil, I draw. First comic stories, followed by a bitter satire to images of hope. Later, the images were larger and more colorful images created in tinting paint, oil and acrylic. Working with plaster and clay (figurative carving and forms).
representational images with the wishes of the natural representation to the wild graffiti, and patterns of color in the heat of the summer sun emerged. The simplest representation of my inner world I succeed but still with the photograph and there, in particular with the double exposure.


  • 1990 Lachendorf (Celle)
  • 1992 Cafe "Extreme" in Wolfsburg
  • 1999 Cafe "Speicherhof" in Gifhorn
  • 2000 in the cafe of the "Brunsviga" in Brunswick
  • 2000-2005 permanent exhibition in the cafe "Flax" in Gifhorn with changing images
  • 2001 and 2003 exhibition in the "Sauna Land" in Gifhorn
  • 2002 Cafe "extreme " in Wolfsburg
  • 2003 Cafe "Gro-mo" in Göttingen
  • 2003-2005 permanent exhibition in the cafe "Liro-Dando" in Brunswick
  • 2005 Participation in the exhibition on International Women's Festival in the town hall meeting in Gifhorn
  • 2005 Cafe "Fritz " in Lüchow
  • 2005 Inn "Zur Linde" in capital Oesingen (District Gifhorn)
  • 2009 Participation in the "Cultural Country Outing " at Süther (Wendland)
  • 2018/2019 "Kulturelle Landpartie" in Beesem 20
  • 2020 Kunsthof Köhlen
  • 2022 Kunsthof Köhlen
  • 2023 Kunsthof Köhlen

Spiritual Counseling

The Spiritual Life Coaching, as I perform it, is based on the assumption, that we all have within us what we need to be happy. No one from outside can tell or give me what I need to be happy. Everyone knows all the best, what he must do to be happy, if he learns to listen to the voice of his heart. Unfortunately we usually do not admit this. We prefer to listen to our mind, we have nominated to the chief of our system, even though he actually is a member of the inner orchestra. I give this support: explore the interior of yourself again.

To avoid misunderstandings, I would like to note that it is not the aim to retire as a lonely hermit in a cave (although in certainly times it might be helpful). Man is a part of nature and has to love and help himself and others. Long live the community! "Where two or three in the name of the Lord are together, he will be amongst you ".

We have the divine in us. "Has God to learn to be God? " No. But a positive discipline can help to let the seeds come out of the heart's delight, in the midst of the confusion of thoughts and emotions, in which we are entangled.

"The journey is the destination "? We have arrived, but unfortunately we do not notice it, because we are too busy to identify ourselves with our thoughts and emotions. If I think, I did something wrong or someone else has done something to me, I feel bad. Why? May I or others do not mistake? Why does a simple thought destroy my inner self-satisfaction? Conversely, I feel good when I have a positive thought or someone tells me something positive. Up and down, like a leaf in the wind, shaken by thoughts and emotions.

What is missing? The inner peace. The reflection on the inner light. Trust in the goodness of creation. Why has this been lost? Because we have forgotten how to listen to the voice of the heart.

If you have problems or tasks that are hard to bear, feel free to contact me: Contact

With kind regards
Carsten Schillmann

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